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Choosing OBUT, the best brand

Choosing OBUT, the best brand

There are many reasons to choose OBUT but we would to remark 5 reasons:

Technical performance and innovation
Nowadays, the needs of pétanque players and consumers are changing.
In order to be more attentive to its customers’ needs, Obut has always developed innovative products. Our design department works on the properties and chemical compositions of steel to produce better and better boules.
This policy and our uncontested know-how enable us to develop and master the manufacturing process.
Obut is now the only manufacturer capable of guaranteeing its customers identical properties for the three boules of one set, in terms of hardness, balance, diameter and weight.

At Obut, "Quality" is the key word, and it is the concern of everyone:
- Product quality, the fruit of leading-edge technology, strict continual controls, the involvement of all and functional adaptation.
- Service quality, due to the large scale of Obut’s industrial facilities and its financial resources, which, for years, have allowed a level of investment unknown in the industry and a massive stock for responding rapidly to its customers’ immediate needs

The boule of the greatest champions
Since a very long time ago, the greatest champions have used Obut boules and have acted as the brand’s ambassadors. They help to make Obut a great brand.
Obut even calls them its friends. When a brand has so many friends, it is not just by chance

An incomparable range
You are sure to find the ideal boule for yourself in Obut’s incomparable wide range.
With a stock of 45,000 competition sets, made up of 1,2000 different listed products, Obut has incontestably the most varied range on offer.Choosing Obut boules is choosing a winner

Sustainable development
Through its use, whether in competitions or in games between family and friends, our product the pétanque boule is continually in contact with Man and nature.
Our production plant is located in the middle of the countryside in Haut-Forez, a beautiful area of France. Obut was duty-bound to offer its customers products that are designed and manufactured with sustainable development in mind.
In October 2004, we obtained ISO 14001 certification.
The air, water and waste that we discharge are pollution hazards that we undertake to control. From design to production of our pétanque boules – which are 100% recyclable, including their packaging – you can now be certain that we manufacture them in a way that does not harm the environment or our lives