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Hardness boules

Hardness boules

According to the FIPJP specifications, the boule hardness must not be less than 35 HRC (110 kg / mm²). To completely satisfy pétanque players, OBUT goes beyond the minimum quality criteria imposed by the Federation. All our boules are subjected to heat treatment which gives the steel the required hardness. Depending on the chosen steel and its hardness, the boule will have radically different behaviour, for adapting to all types of ground and to the playing technique and the position of a player in a team ("pointer", "milieu” [“medium"], or "shooter").
The OBUT competition range has 4 types of hardness:

“Hard” boules: A hard boule is marked very little by impacts, but it bounces more on the ground or when it hits another boule. It is suitable for soft and sandy ground, and it has a long life.

"Soft” boules: The more a boule is soft (with hardness around 110kg/mm2), the less it bounces on hard ground and the less it rebounds when a "carreau" is played, which are great advantages in a game. Opposite to this, a soft boule is marked more by impacts.

“Half-soft” boules: Considered to be the best multi-purpose boule for both “shooting” and “pointing” on all types of ground, it combines the best performance with little marking of its surface. It is the ideal boule for a "medium”.

"Boules + (PLUS)": The use of steel with high internal resilience and a unique tempering process reduces the effect of internal resonance. Therefore the extra hard (or “hardness + (PLUS) ”) boule has an extraordinary capacity for absorbing shocks, particularly on very hard ground, when pointing with a "plombé" (“plumbed” or “high lobbed”) trajectory, and it has minimum rebound after making a direct hit by a "plein fer" lobbed stun shot It is the ideal boule for experienced pointers and shooters. It has the playing behaviour of a very soft boule, while having a level of wear comparable to a traditional ”half-soft” boule.It is an OBUT exclusivity.

Information supplied by OBUT to D.M.V. Sports Madison, S.L.