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OBUT's values

OBUT'a values

100% of the boules marketed by La Boule Obut have been manufactured in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in the Loire area of France since 1955.
Product quality, a key word and concern of all at Obut, is the fruit of leading edge technology, thorough continual quality controls and functional adaptation:
- competition boules that require craftsmanship served by ultra sophisticated machines
- leisure boules, manufactured by entirely automated systems.
- Our production plant is in a very beautiful region, Haut-Forez, in the middle of the countryside. Clean production has always been one of our concerns, and we have developed ecologically designed packaging. From the begining, La Boule Obut continued its proactive commitment with its ISO 14001 environmental policy.
- The main virtues of the game of boules are that it is elementary and universal and it creates a social bond.

Sunshine, nature, friendship, family, good humour, healthy competition… these are the values of pétanque on which Obut has been built... to last